本學會出版之International Journal of Digital Media Design《IJDMD國際數位媒體設計學刊》徵稿,稿件以隨到隨審為原則,敬請鼓勵踴躍投稿。

一、IJDMD國際數位媒體設計學刊經台灣人文及社會科學期刊評比暨核心期刊收錄,2018年經國科會期刊評比通過,收錄於臺灣人文及社會科學引文索引資料庫(Taiwan Citation Index - Humanities and Social Sciences,簡稱 TCI-HSS)。投稿稿件採國內、外專業學者雙盲審查制(Double-blind Review),第12卷中英文稿件皆可投稿。凡有關數位媒體設計之動畫、遊戲、影音、互動學習與科技藝術相關研究論文與創作報告,皆歡迎賜稿。
二、敬請 貴單位惠予轉知所屬相關單位;投稿相關規定及格式請參考臺灣數位媒體設計學會網站 http://www.dmd.org.tw

第12卷(2023)第2期至第2卷(2021)第2期 執行編輯楊晰勛

英文投稿請見"Submission format"

IJDMD (International Journal of Digital Media Design)

Call for papers for International Journal of Digital Media Design

Call for papers for International Journal of Digital Media Design. Papers will follow the principle of review right away after receiving. All papers welcome.

I. IJDMD is the international journal of the Tier 3 journal in the Arts by the TAiwan Humanities and Social Science Journals Evaluation 2015-2017, with Double-blind Review from globe professionals, volume no.8 is available for Chinese and English papers. Welcome all papers in relation to digital media design from animation, game, movie, and interactive arts of theory and practice.

II. Please let your department deliver this messages to all your related department. All the submission format information is available on the official website of Taiwan Association of Digital Media Design (http://www.dmd.org.tw).

III. Papers will follow the principle of review right away after receiving, and charges NT$5000 for the publication fee after passing through double-blind reviews.

IV. If you have the membership of Taiwan Association of Digital Media Design, the NT$5000 publication fee will include member fee NT $2000 and publication fee NT$3000.

V. Please make sure to fill all blanks in our membership application form, mail or e-mail and the application form and payment receipt to our secretariat to set up your personal file.

Volume12 no.1 (2020) to Volume13 no.2 (2021)executive editor, Hsi-Hsun Yang.

Manuscripts please upload to: http://www.ipress.tw/J0184#left_frame_conetent_1

Chinese submission format please see Submissio format (Chinese version)

English submission format please see Submission format

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